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F-planeF-plane approximationF-ratio
F1-layerF2-layerFacsimile chart
Facsimile equipmentFaculae
FadingFahrenheit temperature scaleFair
Fair-weather electricity
Fall wind
Falling sphere
FalloutFallout winds
False warm sectorFamily of chemical speciesFamily of tornadoes
FanningFar infraredFarmer's year
Fast-response sensorsFast fourier transformFast ice
Fastest mile
Fata bromosaFata morganaFathom
FeedingFeeling bottomFeng yun
Fengyun 2Fermat's principleFerrel cell
Fiducial pointFiducial temperature
FieldField capacityField changes
Field excursion associated with precipitationField mill
Field of viewField permeabilityField strength
Field water-holding capacityFiforFilament
Film crustFilter
Filtered equationsFiltered modelFiltering
Filtering approximationsFiltration
Fine-mesh gridFine-mesh modelFine line
Fine particlesFineman nephoscopeFinestructure
Finger raftingFingeringFingerprint method
Finite-difference approximationFinite-difference equation
Finite-element modelFinite depthFinite differencing
Fire-danger meterFire behaviorFire weather
Firm yieldFirnFirn field
Firn line
First-hop waveFirst-order climatological station
First-order closureFirst-order reactionsFirst-order station
First-year iceFirst gustFirst law of thermodynamics
Fisher & porter rain gaugeFitness figureFive-and-ten system
Five-day forecastFive-point methodFix
Fixed time broadcast
Fixing of atmospheric gasesFjordFlame collector
Flame ionization detectionFlanFlanders storm
Flanking lineFlareFlare echo
FlashFlash drought
Flash floodFlash freezeFlash heat
Flash photolysis systemsFlashy streamFlat low
FlawFleet broadcast
Flight cross section
Flight documentationFlight forecast
Flight information centerFlight information regionFlight level
Flight planFlight trainFlist
Float-type rain gaugeFloat barographFloating ice
Floating panFloccusFloe
FloodFlood channelFlood current
Flood forecastFlood forecastingFlood frequency distribution
Flood intervalFlood irrigation
Flood marksFlood mitigationFlood plain
Flood proofingFlood routing
Flood stageFlood strengthFlood tide
Flood warningFlood watchFlood wave
Florida currentFlow law
Flow lineFlow net
Flow patternFlow velocityFlowmeter
FluctuationFlue gas
Fluid parcelFlume
FluorescenceFlurryFluvial dynamics
Fluvial morphologyFluxFlux-corrected transport
Flux-profile relationshipsFlux-ratio method
Flux adjustmentFlux aggregation
Flux densityFlux emissivity
Flux richardson numberFlux transmittance
FluxplateFly ashFlyoff
Fm-cw radarFoam crustFoehn
Foehn airFoehn bank
Foehn cloudFoehn cycloneFoehn gap
Foehn islandFoehn noseFoehn pause
Foehn periodFoehn phaseFoehn storm
Foehn troughFoehn wallFoehn wave
FogFog bankFog chamber
Fog dayFog depositFog dispersal
Fog dissipationFog dripFog drop
Fog forestFog horizonFog patches
Fog scaleFog wind
FoldingFolding frequencyFollowing wind
FootprintFootprint modelingForano
Forbidden transitionsForce-restore method
Forced cloud
Forced waveForcing function
Forecast-informed reservoir operationsForecast-reversal testForecast amendment
Forecast areaForecast chart
Forecast errorForecast evaluationForecast lead time
Forecast periodForecast updatingForecast verification
ForecasterForecasting errorForel scale
ForerunnerForest meteorology
ForestryForked lightningForm drag
FormaldehydeFormation fluidFormic acid
Fortin barometerForty saints' stormForward chaining
Forward scatterForward scattering spectrometer probe
Forward visibilityFossil fuelsFossil ice
Fossil waterFoucault pendulum
Four-dimensional data assimilationFour-dimensional variational assimilationFourier analysis
Fourier integralFourier series
Fourier transformFov

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