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I and q channelsIacIas
Ibe windIblIcao
IceIce-accretion indicator
Ice-bulb temperatureIce-crystal cloud
Ice-crystal haze
Ice accretionIce age
Ice and snow albedo-temperature feedbackIce apron
Ice bandIce bandsIce bay
Ice blink
Ice breakupIce cap
Ice cover
Ice crustIce crystal
Ice dayIce desertIce drift
Ice edgeIce feathers
Ice field
Ice flowIce flowers
Ice fogIce footIce forecast
Ice formation on aircraftIce frontIce island
Ice jam
Ice keelIce layer
Ice limitIce mixing ratioIce mound
Ice multiplicationIce needle
Ice nuclei counterIce nucleus
Ice pelletsIce plainIce point
Ice poleIce prismsIce raft
Ice regime phaseIce rindIce rise
Ice runIce saints
Ice shelf
Ice stormIce stream
Ice structure
Ice tongueIceberg
Iced firnIcefall
Icelandic lowIcicleIcing
Icing-rate meterIcing intensityIcing level
Ideal fluid
Ideal gasIdentical twin integrations
IfIf-then ruleIf signal
Ifr terminal minimumsIfr weather
Igneous meteorIgrf
IlsImageImage enhancement
Image processingImbibition
Immiscible displacementImpactor
ImpingerImplicit time differenceImproved tiros operational system
In counterInaccuracyInactive front
Inadvertent climate modificationInadvertent cloud modificationInadvertent weather modification
Inch of mercuryInclination
Inclination of the axis of a cycloneInclination of the axis of an anticycloneInclination of the wind
Incoherent echoIncoherent scatter radar
Incoherent scatteringIncompressibility
Incompressible fluidIncusIndefinite ceiling
IndependenceIndependent pixel approximationIndependent variable
Independently distributedIndex
Index correctionIndex cycleIndex error
Index of aridityIndex of continentalityIndex of evaporating surface of horizontal area
Index of wetnessIndian deep water
Indian equatorial jetIndian national satellite systemIndian spring low water
Indian summerIndicated airspeedIndicated altitude
IndicatorIndicator function
Indirect cellIndirect circulation
Individual derivativeIndonesian throughflowInduced recharge
InductionInduction charging mechanismInduction icing
Industrial climatologyIndustrial meteorologyInert gases
Inertia waveInertial-convective subrangeInertial-diffusive subrange
Inertial circleInertial coordinate systemInertial current
Inertial flowInertial force
Inertial forecastInertial instability
Inertial lagInertial oscillation
Inertial periodInertial rangeInertial reference frame
Inertial stabilityInertial sublayerInertial subrange
Inertial waveInertio-gravity wave
InferenceInference engine
Inferior mirageInfiltrationInfiltration capacity
Infiltration coefficientInfiltration galleryInfiltration index
Infiltration rateInfiltration routingInfiltration well
Influent seepageInfralateral tangent arcsInfrared
Infrared imageInfrared interferometer spectrometer
Infrared radiationInfrared radiometryInfrared spectrometer
Infrared spectroscopyInfrasonicInfrasonic observatory
InfrasoundIngestingInitial-value problem
Initial condition
Initial rainfallInitializationInjection temperature
Inland iceInland sea breeze
Inner layerInput
Insolation durationInspectional analysis
InstabilityInstability chart
Instability line
Instantaneous field of viewInstantaneous unit hydrograph
Instrument correctionInstrument error
Instrument exposureInstrument flightInstrument flight rules
Instrument landing systemInstrument shelter
Instrument weatherInsulated streamInsulation
Integral depth scaleIntegral length scalesIntegration method
IntensityIntensity-duration-frequency curve
Intensity-modulated indicatorIntensity modulation
Intensive quantityInteractive image processing
Interchange coefficientInterdiurnal variation
InterfaceInterfacial tension
InterferenceInterference region
InterglacialInterglacial phase
InterleavingIntermediate frequency
Intermediate ionIntermediate standard times
Intermediate waterIntermittencyIntermittent stream
Intermonthly variationInternal boundary layer
Internal energyInternal gravity wave
Internal tides
Internal water circulationInternal wave
International analysis codeInternational candleInternational geomagnetic reference field
International index numbersInternational pyrheliometric scaleInternational satellite cloud climatology project
International standard atmosphereInternational synoptic codeInternational synoptic surface observation code

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