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La niña
La serpeLabbé
LabileLaboratory tank
Labrador currentLabrador sea waterLac
LacunosusLafond's tables
Lag timeLagrangian airshed modelsLagrangian change
Lagrangian coordinatesLagrangian correlationLagrangian current measurement
Lagrangian equationsLagrangian equations of motionLagrangian float
Lagrangian hydrodynamic equationsLagrangian mean currentLagrangian timescale
LaheimarLake-effect snow
Lake-effect snowstormLake breezeLake effect
Lake evaporationLake iceLake surface temperature
LambertLambert's formula
Lambert's lawLambert's law of absorptionLambert conic projection
Lambertian surfaceLambing stormLambrecht's polymeter
Lamellar vectorLaminar boundary layerLaminar flow
Laminar sublayerLand-lashLand breeze
Land evaporationLand ice
Land skyLanding forecast
LangleyLangmuir cellsLangmuir circulation
Langmuir layerLangmuir numberLangmuir probe
LansanLaplace equation
Laplace transformLaplacian operatorLapse line
Lapse rateLarge-scale convection
Large-scale weather situationLarge calorieLarge eddy model
Large eddy simulationLarge eddy simulation models
Large ionLarge reynolds number flow
Large scaleLaser
Laser-induced fluorescenceLaser ceilometer
Laser radarLast glacialLast interglacial
Latent heatLatent instability
Lateral inflowLateral mirageLateral mixing
LatitudeLaw of storms
Lax-wendroff differencing schemeLax equivalence theoremLayer cloud
Layer depthLayer of no motionLayers
Leaf area indexLeaf wetness
Leaf wetness durationLeakageLeakage coefficient
Leaky aquiferLeapfrog differencing
Least-time trackLeast squaresLee-wave separation
Lee cyclogenesisLee eddies
Lee troughLee wave
Leeside convergenceLeeuwin currentLeeward
LeewayLeibniz's theorem of calculusLenard effect
Length of recordLenticular cloud
LevecheLevel iceLevel of concern
Level of free convectionLevel of free sink
Level of neutral buoyancyLevel of no motionLevel of nondivergence
LfcLfm modelLfs
LidLidarLidar constant
Lidar equationLidar ratio
Life zoneLifetimesLift
Lifted indexLifting condensation levelLifting condensation level zone
LightLight air
Light breezeLight freezeLight frost
Light pillar
LightningLightning arresterLightning channel
Lightning counterLightning currentLightning damage
Lightning detection networkLightning discharge
Lightning echoLightning flash
Lightning imaging sensorLightning mapping system
Lightning rodLightning stroke
Lightning suppressionLightship codeLightship station
Liman currentLimb scanningLimestone scrubbing
Limit cycleLimit of convectionLimit of the atmosphere
Limited-area forecast modelLimited fine-mesh modelLimiting angle
Limiting waveLine absorption
Line averageLine echo wave pattern
Line integralLine intensity
Line of apsidesLine of sight
Line squallLine vortex
Line widthLinear
Linear depolarization ratioLinear differential equationLinear instability
Linear momentumLinear operator
Linear water wave theoryLinearityLinearization
Linearized differential equationLines of forceLinke turbidity factor
LipsLiquid-in-glass thermometerLiquid-in-metal thermometer
Liquid thermometerLiquid water loading
Liquid water mixing ratioLiquid water pathLiquid water potential temperature
Liquid water static energyLisLithometeor
LithosphereLittle ice age
Livestock safety indexLiving glacierLivingstone sphere
LocLocal angular momentum
Local area coverageLocal change
Local closureLocal derivativeLocal effects
Local forecastLocal free-convection similarity
Local inflowLocal isotropy
Local lightning-flash counterLocal mach numberLocal similarity
Local stormLocal thermodynamic equilibrium
Local timeLocal vorticityLocal winds
Locally generated seaLodos
LoftingLogarithmLogarithmic differentiation
Logarithmic scaleLogarithmic velocity profileLognormal cloud-size distribution
Lolly iceLombardeLondon (sulfurous) smog
Long-crested waveLong-range forecastLong-term hydrological forecast
Long-train atmosphericsLong shore wind
Long waveLongitude
Longitudinal rolls
Longitudinal sectionLongitudinal waveLongitudinal wind
Longmont anticycloneLongshore currentLongwave
Longwave radiationLooLoofah
Lookup tableLoomingLoop antenna
Loop currentLoop rating
LoopingLos angeles (photochemical) smog

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