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N.t.p.NOAA space weather scales
N weatherNaaqsNaca standard atmosphere
Nacreous cloudsNadirNadw
Nansen bottleNansen cast
Narrow-sector recorderNarrowband radiationNasa scatterometer
National ambient air quality standards
National standard barometerNational tidal datum epochNatural control
Natural coordinatesNatural flow
Natural frequencyNatural remanent magnetizationNatural sulfur cycle
Natural synoptic periodNatural synoptic regionNatural synoptic season
NauluNautical mile
Nautical systemNautical twilightNavier-stokes equations
Navigable semicircleNavigationNdvi
Neap rangeNeap tideNear-infrared
Near-infrared radiationNear gale
Nebul codeNebule
Needle ice
Negative cloud-to-ground lightningNegative feedback
Negative isothermal vorticity advectionNegative rainNegative viscosity
Nested gridsNet balance
Net primary productionNet pyranometerNet pyrgeometer
Net pyrradiometerNet radiationNet radiometer
Net solar radiationNet terrestrial radiation
NetworkNetwork density
Neural networkNeutercane
Neutral atmosphereNeutral equilibriumNeutral mode
Neutral surfaces
NeutronNeutron-scattering methodNeutron logging
New guinea coastal current
New guinea coastal undercurrentNew snowNewton
Newton's law of coolingNewton's laws of motionNewtonian fluid
Newtonian friction lawNewtonian mechanicsNexrad
Night visual range
Night windNilas
NimbostratusNimbusNine-light indicator
Nipher shieldNitrate
Nitrate ionNitrate radicalNitric acid
Nitric acid trihydrateNitric oxideNitrification
NitrogenNitrogen-fixing plantsNitrogen cycle
Nitrogen dioxideNitrogen fixationNitrogen oxides
Nitrous acidNitrous oxide
Noble gasesNoctilucent cloudsNocturnal boundary layer
Nocturnal coolingNocturnal jet
Nocturnal minimum temperatureNocturnal radiationNodal factors
Nodal incrementNodal periodNode
NoiseNoise figure
Noise filteringNoise levelNoise power
Noise temperatureNoise thresholdNomogram
Noncoherent echoNoncoherent target
NondeterministicNondimensional equationNondimensional number
Nondimensional parameterNondispersive infrared spectrometry
Nonharmonic tidal analysis
Nonhydrostatic modelNoninductive charging mechanism
NonlinearNonlinear instabilityNonlinearity of the equation of state
Nonlocal closureNonlocal flux
Nonlocal mixingNonlocal static stabilityNonmethane hydrocarbons
Nonrecording rain gaugeNonsupercell tornado
Nonwetting liquidNor'easterNor'wester
Nordenskjöld lineNormal
Normal aerationNormal barometerNormal chart
Normal curve of error
Normal distribution
Normal mode initializationNormal modes
Normal populationNormal stressesNormal temperature and pressure
Normal waterNormalizeNormalized difference vegetation index
Normand's theoremNortadaNorte
North Atlantic OscillationNorth Pacific Oscillation
North american highNorth atlantic currentNorth atlantic deep water
North brazil current
North equatorial countercurrentNorth equatorial current
North foehnNorth korea cold current
North pacific currentNorth wall
Northeast stormNortheast tradesNortheaster
NortherNorthern lightsNorthern nanny
NorthwesterNorwegian current
Norwegian sea deep waterNor’west ArchNotam
NotosNova zemlyaNowcast
NoxNoxon cliff
NrmNrm wind scaleNscat
NtNuclear winterNucleation
NucleusNucleus counter
NudgingNumerical dispersionNumerical forecasting
Numerical integrationNumerical modeling
Numerical simulationNusselt number
NwpNyquist frequencyNévé
O'brien cubic polynomialOasis effectOb
OberwindObjective analysisObjective forecast
Oblique visual range
Obliquity of the eclipticObscuration
Obscuring phenomenon
Observation wellObservational day
Observational errorObservational network
ObserverObserving systems simulation experimentObstacle flow signature
Obstruction to visionObukhov lengthOccluded cyclone
Occluded depressionOccluded front
OcclusionOceanOcean conveyor belt
Ocean currentOcean mixing
Ocean stationOcean station vesselOcean topography experiment
Ocean wavesOcean weather station
Oceanic meteorology

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