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"deterministic forecast" to Air pollution
Air pollution alert to Apparent solar day
Apparent stress to Bank
Bank storage to Boundary of saturation
Bounded weak echo region to Centimeter-gram-second system
Centipoise to Cloud cluster
Cloud condensation nuclei to Constant flux layer
Constructed analogs to Cyclonette
Cyclonic to Direct route
Direct runoff to Ebullition
Ecd to Erf
Erg to Floods
Floods-above-base series to Gain
Gain factor to Grid heading
Grid length to Horizon
Horizon distance to Inactive front
Inadvertent climate modification to Isochasm
Isochion to Lard ice
Large-scale convection to Magnetic induction
Magnetic lines of force to Mf
Mibl to Narboné
Narrow-beam radiogoniometer to Olefins
Olland cycle to Perturbation technique
Perturbation theory to Power
Power-law profile to Radar observations
Radar polarimetry to Refractive index
Refractive modulus to Saturation vapor pressure
Savanna to Significant levels
Significant wave to South java currents
South pacific convergence zone to Storm-warning tower
Storm chaser to Synoptic code
Synoptic forecasting to Tide-producing forces
Tide amplitude to Undamped oscillation
Undercast to Von karman's constant
Von karman's law to Wilson cloud chamber
Wilting point to Θ system
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