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"deterministic forecast" to Air pollution
Air pollution alert to Apparent solar day
Apparent stress to Bank
Bank storage to Bounded weak echo region
Bourdon tube to Centipoise
Central dense overcast to Cloud condensation nuclei counter
Cloud cover to Consultation
Consumption to Cyclonic bora
Cyclonic circulation to Direct solar radiation
Direct tide to Echo
Echo-free vault to Ergodic
Ergodic condition to Florida current
Flow law to Gaining stream
Gale to Grid meridians
Grid navigation to Horizontal advection
Horizontal convective rolls to Inadvertent cloud modification
Inadvertent weather modification to Isochoric
Isochrone to Large-scale weather situation
Large calorie to Magnetic north
Magnetic storm to Michael-riggs
Michaelson actinograph to Narrow-sector recorder
Narrowband radiation to Ols
Ombrometer to Peru/chile current
Peruvian paint to Power density
Power density spectrum to Radar reflectivity
Radar reflectivity factor to Refractometer
Refsdal diagram to Savart polariscope
Sawtooth wave to Significant weather
Significant weather chart to Southeast-storm warning
Southeast trades to Storm loss
Storm model to Synoptic meteorology
Synoptic model to Tide gauge benchmark
Tide range to Undermelting
Undertow to Von kármán vortex
Vortex to Wind-direction shaft
Wind-driven current to Θ system
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