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Cirque glacierCirriformCirrocumulus
Cirrus intortus
Cirrus spissatusCirrus uncinus
CiskCisternCistern barometer
CitationCivil day
Civil twilight
ClapotisClass-a evaporation pan
Class intervalClassical condensation theory
Clathrate hydrateClausius-clapeyron equationClay atmometer
Clayden effectClean airClear
Clear-air echoClear-air turbulenceClear air
Clear iceClear line of sight
Clear skyClearance
ClimapClimatClimat broadcast
ClimateClimate analogsClimate anomaly
Climate changeClimate change detection
Climate controlClimate drift
Climate fluctuations
Climate impact assessmentsClimate model
Climate modificationClimate monitoring
Climate noiseClimate periodicityClimate prediction
Climate sensitivityClimate signal
Climate snow lineClimate systemClimate variability
Climatic classification
Climatic controlClimatic cycle
Climatic diagramClimatic discontinuity
Climatic divideClimatic element
Climatic factorClimatic fluctuationClimatic index
Climatic optimum
Climatic provinceClimatic record
Climatic region
Climatic risk
Climatic trendClimatic yearClimatic zone
Climatological atlasClimatological chartClimatological data
Climatological divisionClimatological field
Climatological forecastClimatological mean fieldClimatological network
Climatological observationClimatological standard normals
Climatological stationClimatological station elevation
Climatological station pressureClimatological substation
Climatological summaryClimatological yearClimatology
Close pack iceClosed-cell stratocumulusClosed basin
Closed cellsClosed circulationClosed drainage
Closed highClosed lakeClosed low
Closed systemClosed weatherClosure assumptions
Closure problemCloudCloud-detection radar
Cloud-drop samplerCloud-free line of sightCloud-height indicator
Cloud-height measurement method
Cloud-to-ground flash
Cloud-top entrainment instabilityCloud absorptionCloud albedo
Cloud amountCloud attenuation
Cloud bandCloud bank
Cloud barCloud base
Cloud camera
Cloud ceilingCloud chamberCloud chart
Cloud classificationCloud clusterCloud condensation nuclei
Cloud condensation nuclei counterCloud cover
Cloud drop
Cloud droplet
Cloud echoCloud electrificationCloud element
Cloud etageCloud feedback
Cloud flashCloud formation
Cloud genusCloud gunCloud height
Cloud image animationCloud layerCloud level
Cloud lineCloud microphysics
Cloud microstructureCloud mirrorCloud model
Cloud modificationCloud motion vectorCloud nucleus
Cloud optical depthCloud particle
Cloud physicsCloud radarCloud radiative forcing
Cloud searchlightCloud sectorCloud seeding
Cloud shieldCloud streets
Cloud symbolCloud system
Cloud topCloud tracer
Cloud windsCloudbow
CloudyCloudy dayCloudy sky
Cluster ionsClutter
Clutter rejectionCmeCo-cumulative spectrum
Co-latitudeCo-rotating Interaction RegionCoagulation
CoalescenceCoalescence efficiency
Coarse-mesh gridCoarse particles
Coastal climateCoastal front
Coastal upwellingCoastal zone
Coastal zone color scannerCoastally trapped wavesCoaxial cable
Cockeyed bobCode formsCoefficient of barotropy
Coefficient of compressibilityCoefficient of consolidation
Coefficient of correlationCoefficient of diffusion
Coefficient of eddy viscosity
Coefficient of mutual diffusionCoefficient of piezotropy
Coefficient of tensionCoefficient of thermal expansion
Coefficient of transparencyCoefficient of viscosityCoffin corner
Cognitive task analysisCoherenceCoherence element
Coherence timeCoherent detectionCoherent echo
Coherent integrationCoherent radar
Coherent scatteringCoherent structuresCoherent target
Cold-air injection
Cold-air pool
Cold-core ringsCold-front thunderstorm
Cold-front wave
Cold capCold conveyor belt
Cold dome

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