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Cirrus intortus
Cirrus spissatus
Cirrus uncinusCisk
CisternCistern barometer
CitationCivil day
Civil twilight
ClapotisClass-a evaporation pan
Class intervalClassical condensation theoryClathrate hydrate
Clausius-clapeyron equationClay atmometerClayden effect
Clean airClearClear-air echo
Clear-air turbulenceClear airClear ice
Clear line of sight
Clear skyClearanceClearing
ClimatClimat broadcastClimate
Climate analogsClimate anomalyClimate change
Climate change detectionClimate control
Climate driftClimate fluctuations
Climate impact assessments
Climate model
Climate modificationClimate monitoringClimate noise
Climate periodicityClimate prediction
Climate sensitivityClimate signalClimate snow line
Climate systemClimate variability
Climatic classification
Climatic controlClimatic cycleClimatic diagram
Climatic discontinuityClimatic divide
Climatic elementClimatic factor
Climatic fluctuationClimatic index
Climatic optimumClimatic province
Climatic record
Climatic regionClimatic risk
Climatic trend
Climatic yearClimatic zone
ClimatographyClimatological atlas
Climatological chartClimatological data
Climatological divisionClimatological fieldClimatological forecast
Climatological mean fieldClimatological networkClimatological observation
Climatological standard normalsClimatological station
Climatological station elevationClimatological station pressure
Climatological substationClimatological summary
Climatological yearClimatologyClimatonomy
CloClosClose pack ice
Closed-cell stratocumulusClosed basinClosed cells
Closed circulationClosed drainageClosed high
Closed lakeClosed lowClosed system
Closed weatherClosure assumptionsClosure problem
CloudCloud-detection radarCloud-drop sampler
Cloud-free line of sightCloud-height indicatorCloud-height measurement method
Cloud-to-ground flashCloud-top entrainment instability
Cloud absorptionCloud albedoCloud amount
Cloud attenuationCloud band
Cloud bank
Cloud barCloud base
Cloud cameraCloud ceiling
Cloud chamberCloud chartCloud classification
Cloud clusterCloud condensation nucleiCloud condensation nuclei counter
Cloud cover
Cloud dropCloud droplet
Cloud echo
Cloud electrificationCloud element
Cloud etageCloud feedbackCloud flash
Cloud formationCloud genus
Cloud gunCloud heightCloud image animation
Cloud layerCloud levelCloud line
Cloud microphysicsCloud microstructure
Cloud mirrorCloud modelCloud modification
Cloud motion vectorCloud nucleusCloud optical depth
Cloud particleCloud physics
Cloud radarCloud radiative forcingCloud searchlight
Cloud sectorCloud seedingCloud shield
Cloud streetsCloud symbol
Cloud systemCloud top
Cloud tracerCloud winds
Cloudy dayCloudy sky
Cluster ionsClutterClutter rejection
CmeCo-cumulative spectrumCo-latitude
Co-rotating Interaction RegionCoagulationCoalescence
Coalescence efficiency
Coarse-mesh gridCoarse particles
Coastal climateCoastal front
Coastal upwellingCoastal zoneCoastal zone color scanner
Coastally trapped wavesCoaxial cableCockeyed bob
Code formsCoefficient of barotropyCoefficient of compressibility
Coefficient of consolidationCoefficient of correlation
Coefficient of diffusion
Coefficient of eddy viscosity
Coefficient of mutual diffusionCoefficient of piezotropy
Coefficient of tension
Coefficient of thermal expansionCoefficient of transparency
Coefficient of viscosityCoffin cornerCognitive task analysis
CoherenceCoherence elementCoherence time
Coherent detectionCoherent echo
Coherent integrationCoherent radarCoherent scattering
Coherent structuresCoherent targetCohmap
Cold-air injection
Cold-air pool
Cold-core rings
Cold-front thunderstormCold-front wave
Cold cap
Cold conveyor belt
Cold dome

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