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Cloud baseCloud camera
Cloud ceilingCloud chamber
Cloud chartCloud classificationCloud cluster
Cloud condensation nucleiCloud condensation nuclei counterCloud cover
Cloud dropCloud droplet
Cloud echoCloud electrification
Cloud elementCloud etage
Cloud feedbackCloud flash
Cloud formationCloud genusCloud gun
Cloud heightCloud image animationCloud layer
Cloud levelCloud line
Cloud microphysicsCloud microstructureCloud mirror
Cloud modelCloud modificationCloud motion vector
Cloud nucleusCloud optical depthCloud particle
Cloud physicsCloud radar
Cloud radiative forcingCloud searchlightCloud sector
Cloud seedingCloud shield
Cloud streetsCloud symbolCloud system
Cloud topCloud tracer
Cloud winds
CloudyCloudy day
Cloudy skyCluster ions
ClutterClutter rejectionCme
Co-cumulative spectrumCo-latitudeCo-rotating Interaction Region
CoagulationCoalescenceCoalescence efficiency
Coarse-mesh grid
Coarse particlesCoastal climate
Coastal frontCoastal upwelling
Coastal zoneCoastal zone color scannerCoastally trapped waves
Coaxial cableCockeyed bobCode forms
Coefficient of barotropyCoefficient of compressibilityCoefficient of consolidation
Coefficient of correlationCoefficient of diffusion
Coefficient of eddy viscosity
Coefficient of mutual diffusion
Coefficient of piezotropy
Coefficient of tension
Coefficient of thermal expansionCoefficient of transparencyCoefficient of viscosity
Coffin cornerCognitive task analysisCoherence
Coherence elementCoherence timeCoherent detection
Coherent echoCoherent integration
Coherent radarCoherent scatteringCoherent structures
Coherent targetCohmapCoho
Cold-air injectionCold-air pool
Cold-core rings
Cold-front thunderstormCold-front wave
Cold cap
Cold conveyor belt
Cold dome
Cold frontCold high
Cold low
Cold poleCold poolCold sector
Cold soakCold tongueCold top
Cold troughCold type occlusion
Cold waveCollaCollada
Collar cloudCollection efficiency
CollectiveCollectorColligative property
Collision-coalescence processCollision broadeningCollision efficiency
Collision theory
Colloidal instabilityColloidal suspensionColloidal system
Color look-up tableColor temperatureColorado low
Colorado sunken panColored rainColorimetry
ColumnColumn abundanceColumn model
Columnar resistanceComb nephoscopeCombar code
ComberCombination coefficientCombustion nucleus
Comfort chartComfort curve
Comfort zone
Comma cloud systemComma headComma tail
ComminutionCommunication centerCommutator
Compact differencingCompaction
Comparative rabalCompassCompensated scale barometer
Compensation of instrumentsCompetence of the windComplete freeze-up
Complex index of refractionComplex low
Complex refractive indexComplex signalComplex terrain
Composite forecast chart
Composite reflectivityComposite vertical cross sectionComposite water sample
Compound hydrographCompressibility
Compression waveCompressional waveCompton effect
Computational mode
ConcentrationConcentration basinConcentration gradient
Concentration varianceConcentric eyewall cycle
Concentric eyewallsConcrete minimum temperatureCondensation
Condensation levelCondensation nuclei counterCondensation nucleus
Condensation pressureCondensation temperatureCondensation trail
Conditional distributionConditional instability
Conditional instability of the second kindConditional meanConditional probability
Conditional samplingConditions of readiness
Conductance for moistureConduction
Conduction currentConductivity
Conductivity-temperature-depth profiler
Cone of depressionCone of escapeCone of impression
Cone of visibilityCone of vision
Confidence interval
Confined aquifer
Confined groundwater
ConfluenceConformal map
Conical beamConical scanning
Conjunctive useConnate waterConsecutive mean
Consensus averageConsensus averagingConsequent
Conservation of angular momentum
Conservation of energyConservation of massConservation of momentum
Conservation of vorticityConservatismConservative field
Conservative pollutantsConservative property
Conserved variable diagramConsistent numerical scheme
Consolidated iceConsolidationConstancy
Constant-height chartConstant-height surface
Constant-level balloon

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