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DraftDragDrag anemometer
Drag coefficientDrag lawDrag sphere anemometer
DragonDrainDrainage area
Drainage basinDrainage densityDrainage divide
Drainage wellDrainage wind
DrawdownDrawdown curve
DrawoffDreikanterDried ice
DriftDrift-correction angleDrift bottle
Drift cardDrift currentDrift ice
Drift stationDrifterDrifting buoy
Drifting dustDrifting sandDrifting snow
Driller's logDrip
Driven snowDriving-rain indexDrizzle
Drizzle dropDrogue
DropDrop-size distributionDrop-size spectrometer
Drop breakupDroplet
Dropsonde observationDrosometerDrought
Drought indexDroxtal
Dry-adiabatic lapse rate
Dry-adiabatic processDry-bulb temperatureDry-bulb thermometer
Dry adiabat
Dry airDry climate
Dry convectionDry deposition
Dry fogDry freeze
Dry growthDry hazeDry ice
Dry permafrostDry seasonDry snow
Dry spellDry stageDry static energy
Dry tongueDry year
Dual-channel radarDual-doppler analysis
Dual-polarization radarDual-wavelength radarDuct
Dupuit-forchheimer assumptionsDurationDuration curve
Duration statisticsDusk
DustDust-devil effectDust avalanche
Dust bowlDust counterDust devil
Dust electrification
Dust horizonDust wallDust well
Dust whirl
Dustfall jarsDuststorm
Duty of waterDvorak technique
DwighDye laserDynamic-height anomaly
Dynamic boundary conditionDynamic climatologyDynamic flux
Dynamic heightDynamic initializationDynamic instability
Dynamic meteorologyDynamic meterDynamic oceanography
Dynamic pipe effectDynamic pressureDynamic range
Dynamic similarityDynamic stability
Dynamic viscosityDynamical extended range forecasting
Dynamical sublayerDynamical systemDynamo theory
E-regionE-ε closure
EapeEarthEarth's shadow
Earth-atmosphere radiation budgetEarth-current storm
Earth-ionosphere waveguideEarth current
Earth hummockEarth inductor
Earth observing systemEarth radiation budget experimentEarth radiation budget satellite
Earth resources technology satelliteEarth structure
Earth temperatureEarth tide
East antarctic ice sheet
East arabian currentEast auckland currentEast australian current
East greenland current
East indian currentEast indian winter jet
East korea warm currentEast madagascar current
Easterly waveEbb current
Ebb intervalEbb strength
Ebert ion counterEbullitionEcd
EchoEcho amplitude
Echo boxEcho contourEcho frequency
Echo intensityEcho overhangEcho power
Echo pulseEcho sounder
Ecological climatologyEcology
Economic yield of aquiferEcosphereEcosystem
EddyEddy-stress tensorEddy accumulation
Eddy advection
Eddy conductivityEddy continuum
Eddy correlationEddy covarianceEddy diffusion
Eddy diffusivityEddy flux
Eddy shearing stress
Eddy velocity
Eddy viscosityEdge wave
Effective areaEffective atmosphereEffective earth radius
Effective evapotranspirationEffective fluxEffective gust velocity
Effective permeabilityEffective porosityEffective precipitation
Effective roughness lengthEffective snowmelt
Effective stack heightEffective temperature
Effective velocityEffluentEffluent limitations
Effluent seepageEffluent streamEfflux velocity
Egyptian windEhfEigenvalue
Eight-inch rain gauge
Einstein's summation notationEjection chamberEkman boundary conditions
Ekman layerEkman numberEkman pumping
Ekman spiralEkman transport
El niño
Electric charge
Electric dischargeElectric double layerElectric field
Electric field intensityElectric field strength
Electric lines of forceElectric potential
Electrical breakdown
Electrical conductivityElectrical hygrometer
Electrical logElectrical storm
Electrical substitution radiometerElectrical thermometer
Electro-osmosisElectrode effectElectrojets
Electromagnetic acoustic probeElectromagnetic energy
Electromagnetic fieldElectromagnetic radiation
Electromagnetic spectrumElectromagnetic theory
Electromagnetic waveElectrometeor

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