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Geostationary operational meteorological satelliteGeostationary satellite
GeostrophicGeostrophic adjustmentGeostrophic advection
Geostrophic approximationGeostrophic balanceGeostrophic coordinates
Geostrophic currentGeostrophic departureGeostrophic deviation
Geostrophic dividersGeostrophic drag coefficientGeostrophic equilibrium
Geostrophic flowGeostrophic fluxGeostrophic momentum approximation
Geostrophic vorticityGeostrophic windGeostrophic wind level
Geostrophic wind scaleGeosynchronous satellite
Gerdien aspiratorGerstner waveGestalt
Gibbs functionGibla
Gibraltar outflow waterGigahertzGill anemometer
GlacialGlacial anticycloneGlacial drift
Glacial epochGlacial geology
Glacial maximumGlacial period
Glacial reboundGlacial trough
GlaciationGlaciation limit
GlacierGlacier flood
Glacier flowGlacier frontGlacier ice
Glacier tongueGlacier wind
GlareGlare ice
Glaze stormGlazed frost
GlaçonGlide pathGlime
GlitterGlmGlobal area coverage
Global baseline datasetsGlobal circuit
Global data processing system
Global level of the sea surfaceGlobal observing system
Global positioning systemGlobal radiationGlobal telecommunications system
Glow dischargeGmsGoal-directed reasoning
GoesGoes-rGoes high-resolution interferometer sounder
Goes variableGold slideGoldbeater's skin hygrometer
GoniometerGoodness of fitGorge wind
Gosling blastGowk stormGps
Grab samplingGradex methodGradient
Gradient-based similarity theoryGradient current
Gradient flowGradient richardson numberGradient transport theory
Gradient wind
GradingGraduationGrains of ice
Gram calorieGranular snowGranules
Graphing boardGrashoff numberGrass
Grass minimumGrass temperature
GraupelGravimetric hygrometryGravitation
Gravitational head
Gravitational potentialGravitational potential energy
Gravitational tide
Gravitational waterGravity
Gravity currentGravity flow
Gravity waveGravity wave dragGravity wave drag parameterization
Gravity wind
Gray absorberGray iceGraybody
GrayscaleGrease iceGreat-circle course
Great basin highGreat circle
GrecoGreen's function
Green's theoremGreen flash
Green icebergGreen rim
Green snow
Green thunderstormGreenhouse effectGreenhouse gas stabilization
Greenhouse gasesGreenland anticyclone
Greenland ice sheetGreenland sea deep water
GregaleGregori wind
Grenade soundingGridGrid heading
Grid lengthGrid meridiansGrid navigation
Grid nephoscope
Grid telescopingGrid turbulenceGridding
Gringorten plotting positionGross-austauschGross interception loss
Gross primary productionGrosswetterlageGround-check chamber
Ground-controlled approachGround-to-cloud dischargeGround check
Ground clutter
Ground flashGround flux
Ground fogGround frostGround ice
Ground inversionGround layer
Ground speedGround stateGround streamer
Ground swellGround target
Ground trackGround truthGround visibility
Ground waveGroundhog dayGrounding line
GroundwaterGroundwater basinGroundwater dam
Groundwater datingGroundwater depletion curveGroundwater divide
Groundwater flowGroundwater hydrology
Groundwater levelGroundwater mining
Groundwater moundGroundwater runoff
Groundwater stationGroundwater storage
Group velocityGrower's year
Growing degree-dayGrowing degree-hour
Growing seasonGrowler
GubaGuiana current
Guinea currentGulf of papagayoGulf of tehuantepec
Gulf streamGulf stream rings
Gulf stream systemGully-squall
GustGust-gradient distanceGust amplitude
Gust decay timeGust durationGust formation time
Gust frequencyGust frequency intervalGust front
Gust loadGust peak speed
Gust probeGust vectorGustiness
Gustiness componentsGustiness factorGustnado
GustsondeGuti weather
Guyana currentGuzzleGvar
HaboobHadley cellHadley regime
HailHail stage
HailstormHaines index
Hair hygrometerHalcyon days
Half-arc angleHalf-lifeHalf-order closure
Half-power points

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