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Lightning echoLightning flash
Lightning imaging sensorLightning mapping system
Lightning rodLightning strokeLightning suppression
Lightship codeLightship stationLiman current
Limb scanningLimestone scrubbingLimit cycle
Limit of convectionLimit of the atmosphereLimited-area forecast model
Limited fine-mesh modelLimiting angleLimiting wave
Line absorptionLine average
Line echo wave pattern
Line integralLine intensityLine of apsides
Line of sightLine squall
Line vortexLine width
LinearLinear depolarization ratio
Linear differential equationLinear instabilityLinear momentum
Linear operatorLinear water wave theory
LinearityLinearizationLinearized differential equation
Lines of forceLinke turbidity factorLips
Liquid-in-glass thermometerLiquid-in-metal thermometerLiquid thermometer
Liquid water loadingLiquid water mixing ratio
Liquid water pathLiquid water potential temperatureLiquid water static energy
LithosphereLittle ice ageLivestock safety index
Living glacierLivingstone sphereLlebetjado
Local angular momentumLocal area coverage
Local changeLocal closure
Local derivativeLocal effects
Local forecastLocal free-convection similarity
Local inflowLocal isotropyLocal lightning-flash counter
Local mach numberLocal similarity
Local stormLocal thermodynamic equilibriumLocal time
Local vorticityLocal windsLocally generated sea
LogarithmLogarithmic differentiationLogarithmic scale
Logarithmic velocity profileLognormal cloud-size distributionLolly ice
LombardeLondon (sulfurous) smogLong-crested wave
Long-range forecastLong-term hydrological forecastLong-train atmospherics
Long shore windLong wave
Longitudinal rollsLongitudinal section
Longitudinal waveLongitudinal windLongmont anticyclone
Longshore currentLongwaveLongwave radiation
LooLoofahLookup table
LoomingLoop antenna
Loop currentLoop ratingLooping
Los angeles (photochemical) smogLoschmidt's number
Love waveLowLow-flow channel
Low-level jetLow-temperature hygrometry
Low frequency
Low index
Low rate information transmission
Low waterLower atmosphere
Lowest astronomical tide
Luminous efficiency
Lumped chemical mechanismLunar atmospheric tideLunar day
Lunar rainbowLunar tideLunitidal interval
LuxLyman-alpha hygrometerLyman alpha emission line
M componentM meter
Mach numberMachine learningMackerel breeze
Mackerel skyMacroburst
MacroscaleMacroviscosityMadden-julian oscillation
MaelstromMaestroMagmatic water
Magnetic dipoleMagnetic double refraction
Magnetic field intensity
Magnetic inductionMagnetic lines of forceMagnetic north
Magnetic storm
Magnetic wind directionMagneto-ionic theoryMagneto anemometer
MagnetographMagnetohydrodynamic waveMagnetohydrodynamics
Magnetospheric convectionMagnetronMain Page
Main lobeMain meteorological officeMain standard time
Main telecommunications networkMajor ridge
Major troughMaloja wind
Malvinas currentMamateleMamma
Man-machine mixMandatory layer
Mandatory level
Manning equationManometerMao mao yuh
Map plotting
Map projection
Mapped dataMarble crustMarching problem
MarencoMares' tails
Margules's equationMarigramMarigraph
Marine barometerMarine climateMarine forecast
Marine meteorologyMarine radar
Marine rainbowMarine thermometerMarine weather observation
Mariotte's lawMaritime aerosol
Maritime airMaritime cloud
Maritime tundraMarkov chain
MarkovianMarsden chartMarsden square
MarshMarshall-palmer relation
Marvin sunshine recorderMasked frontMass-transfer method
Mass absorption coefficientMass accommodation coefficientMass balance
Mass convergenceMass curve
Mass divergenceMass scattering coefficientMass spectrometry
Mass transportMast
Matanuska windMatched filter
Mathematical climate
MatinalMauka breeze
Maunder minimum
MaximumMaximum-wind and shear chart
Maximum-wind levelMaximum-wind topographyMaximum contaminant level
Maximum entropy methodMaximum possible sunshine duration
Maximum temperature
Maximum thermometerMaximum unambiguous rangeMaximum unambiguous velocity
Maximum zonal westerliesMaxwell-boltzmann distributionMcc

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