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Local effectsLocal forecast
Local free-convection similarityLocal inflow
Local isotropyLocal lightning-flash counterLocal mach number
Local similarityLocal storm
Local thermodynamic equilibriumLocal timeLocal vorticity
Local windsLocally generated seaLodos
Logarithmic differentiationLogarithmic scaleLogarithmic velocity profile
Lognormal cloud-size distributionLolly iceLombarde
London (sulfurous) smogLong-crested waveLong-range forecast
Long-term hydrological forecastLong-train atmospherics
Long shore windLong wave
Longitudinal rollsLongitudinal sectionLongitudinal wave
Longitudinal windLongmont anticycloneLongshore current
LongwaveLongwave radiationLoo
LoofahLookup tableLooming
Loop antennaLoop current
Loop ratingLooping
Los angeles (photochemical) smogLoschmidt's numberLove wave
LowLow-flow channelLow-level jet
Low-temperature hygrometry
Low frequencyLow index
Low rate information transmissionLow water
Lower atmosphereLowest astronomical tide
Luminous efficiency
Lumped chemical mechanism
Lunar atmospheric tideLunar dayLunar rainbow
Lunar tideLunitidal intervalLux
Lyman-alpha hygrometerLyman alpha emission lineLysimeter
M componentM meterMach number
Machine learningMackerel breezeMackerel sky
MacroviscosityMadden-julian oscillationMaelstrom
MaestroMagmatic water
Magnetic dipoleMagnetic double refraction
Magnetic field intensity
Magnetic induction
Magnetic lines of forceMagnetic northMagnetic storm
Magnetic wind direction
Magneto-ionic theoryMagneto anemometerMagnetograph
Magnetohydrodynamic waveMagnetohydrodynamicsMagnetometer
MagnetopauseMagnetosphereMagnetospheric convection
MagnetronMain PageMain lobe
Main meteorological officeMain standard timeMain telecommunications network
Major ridgeMajor trough
Maloja windMalvinas current
Man-machine mixMandatory layerMandatory level
Manning equation
ManometerMao mao yuh
Map plottingMap projection
Mapped data
Marble crustMarching problemMarenco
Mares' tailsMargules's equation
Marine barometer
Marine climateMarine forecastMarine meteorology
Marine radarMarine rainbow
Marine thermometerMarine weather observation
Mariotte's lawMaritime aerosolMaritime air
Maritime cloud
Maritime tundraMarkov chainMarkovian
Marsden chartMarsden square
MarshMarshall-palmer relationMarvin sunshine recorder
Masked frontMass-transfer methodMass absorption coefficient
Mass accommodation coefficientMass balance
Mass convergenceMass curveMass divergence
Mass scattering coefficientMass spectrometryMass transport
MastMatanuska wind
Matched filter
Mathematical climate
MatinalMauka breezeMaunder minimum
MaximumMaximum-wind and shear chartMaximum-wind level
Maximum-wind topographyMaximum contaminant levelMaximum entropy method
Maximum possible sunshine duration
Maximum temperatureMaximum thermometer
Maximum unambiguous rangeMaximum unambiguous velocityMaximum zonal westerlies
Maxwell-boltzmann distributionMccMcs
MeanMean-square errorMean annual range of temperature
Mean chartMean daily maximum temperature for a month
Mean daily minimum temperature for a monthMean daily temperatureMean day-to-day variation
Mean deviationMean doppler velocityMean free path
Mean high waterMean high water springs
Mean higher high waterMean kinetic energy
Mean lifeMean low waterMean low water springs
Mean lower low waterMean monthly maximum temperature
Mean monthly minimum temperatureMean sea levelMean sea level trends
Mean solar day
Mean sphere depthMean temperatureMean tide level
Mean velocity
Mean water levelMean wind velocityMeander
Measured ceilingMeasurement cellMechanical dispersion
Mechanical internal boundary layerMechanical mixingMechanical turbulence
Median volume diameterMedieval warm periodMedina
MediocrisMediterranean climateMediterranean deep water
Mediterranean frontMediterranean lenses
Mediterranean outflowMediterranean seaMediterranean water
Medium-range forecastMedium-term hydrological forecastMedium frequency
MegathermalMegathermal climate
Mei-yu front
Mellor-yamada parameterizationMelt pond
Melting layer

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