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MoutonnéeMovable-scale barometerMoving-target indication
Moving fetchMozambique current
MsgMslMst radar
MtnMts systemMtsat
Mud rainMudflowMuerto
MuggyMultiannual storageMultiband system
Multicell convective stormMultichannel sea surface temperatureMultichannel system
Multifunctional transport satelliteMultilevel modelMultiparameter radar
MultipathMultipath transmissionMultiple-phase flow
Multiple-purpose reservoirMultiple-scatteringMultiple-trip echo
Multiple correlationMultiple drift correction
Multiple incursion theoryMultiple registerMultiple scattering
Multiple tropopauseMultiplexorMultispectral remote sensing
Multispectral scannerMultivariate objective analysisMultivariate signal
Multiyear iceMunk boundary layerMunsell color chart
MuskegMuskingum methodMutatus
Myers ratingN'aschi
NOAA space weather scalesN weatherNaaqs
Naca standard atmosphereNacreous cloudsNadir
NadwNansen bottle
Nansen castNappe
Narrow-sector recorderNarrowband radiation
Nasa scatterometer
National ambient air quality standardsNational standard barometerNational tidal datum epoch
Natural controlNatural coordinates
Natural flowNatural frequencyNatural remanent magnetization
Natural sulfur cycleNatural synoptic periodNatural synoptic region
Natural synoptic seasonNaulu
Nautical mileNautical systemNautical twilight
Navier-stokes equationsNavigable semicircleNavigation
NdviNeap rangeNeap tide
Near-infraredNear-infrared radiation
Near galeNebul code
NeccNeedle ice
Negative cloud-to-ground lightningNegative feedback
Negative isothermal vorticity advectionNegative rain
Negative viscosityNemereNeoglacial
Nested gridsNet balance
Net primary productionNet pyranometer
Net pyrgeometerNet pyrradiometerNet radiation
Net radiometerNet solar radiation
Net terrestrial radiationNetworkNetwork density
Neural network
NeutercaneNeutral atmosphereNeutral equilibrium
Neutral mode
Neutral surfaces
NeutronNeutron-scattering method
Neutron loggingNeutrosphere
New guinea coastal currentNew guinea coastal undercurrentNew snow
NewtonNewton's law of coolingNewton's laws of motion
Newtonian fluidNewtonian friction lawNewtonian mechanics
Night visual rangeNight wind
Nine-light indicatorNipher shield
NitrateNitrate ionNitrate radical
Nitric acidNitric acid trihydrateNitric oxide
NitrificationNitrogenNitrogen-fixing plants
Nitrogen cycleNitrogen dioxideNitrogen fixation
Nitrogen oxidesNitrous acid
Nitrous oxideNival
NoaaNoble gasesNoctilucent clouds
Nocturnal boundary layerNocturnal coolingNocturnal jet
Nocturnal minimum temperatureNocturnal radiation
Nodal factorsNodal incrementNodal period
Noise figureNoise filteringNoise level
Noise powerNoise temperatureNoise threshold
Noncoherent echoNoncoherent target
NondeterministicNondimensional equation
Nondimensional numberNondimensional parameter
Nondispersive infrared spectrometry
Nonharmonic tidal analysisNonhydrostatic modelNoninductive charging mechanism
NonlinearNonlinear instability
Nonlinearity of the equation of stateNonlocal closure
Nonlocal fluxNonlocal mixingNonlocal static stability
Nonmethane hydrocarbonsNonrecording rain gaugeNonsupercell tornado
Nonwetting liquidNor'easter
Nor'westerNordenskjöld line
NormalNormal aerationNormal barometer
Normal chartNormal curve of error
Normal distribution
Normal mode initialization
Normal modesNormal populationNormal stresses
Normal temperature and pressureNormal waterNormalize
Normalized difference vegetation indexNormand's theoremNortada
NorteNorth Atlantic OscillationNorth Pacific Oscillation
North american highNorth atlantic current
North atlantic deep water
North brazil currentNorth equatorial countercurrentNorth equatorial current
North foehn
North korea cold currentNorth pacific current
North wallNortheast stormNortheast trades
NortheasterNortherNorthern lights
Northern nannyNorthwesterNorwegian current
Norwegian sea deep waterNor’west Arch
NotamNotosNova zemlya
NowcastNoxNoxon cliff
NrmNrm wind scale
NscatNtNuclear winter
Nucleus counterNudgingNumerical dispersion
Numerical forecastingNumerical integration
Numerical modelingNumerical simulation
Nusselt numberNwpNyquist frequency

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