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Narrowband radiationNasa scatterometer
National ambient air quality standardsNational standard barometer
National tidal datum epochNatural control
Natural coordinatesNatural flowNatural frequency
Natural remanent magnetizationNatural sulfur cycleNatural synoptic period
Natural synoptic regionNatural synoptic season
NauluNautical mileNautical system
Nautical twilightNavier-stokes equationsNavigable semicircle
NavigationNdviNeap range
Neap tideNear-infraredNear-infrared radiation
Near gale
Nebul codeNebuleNebulosus
Needle iceNegative cloud-to-ground lightning
Negative feedbackNegative isothermal vorticity advection
Negative rainNegative viscosityNemere
NephoscopeNested grids
Net balanceNet primary production
Net pyranometerNet pyrgeometerNet pyrradiometer
Net radiationNet radiometerNet solar radiation
Net terrestrial radiationNetwork
Network densityNeural network
NeutercaneNeutral atmosphere
Neutral equilibriumNeutral mode
Neutral surfacesNeutron
Neutron-scattering methodNeutron logging
New guinea coastal currentNew guinea coastal undercurrent
New snowNewtonNewton's law of cooling
Newton's laws of motionNewtonian fluidNewtonian friction law
Newtonian mechanicsNexrad
Night visual rangeNight wind
NimbusNine-light indicatorNipher shield
NitrateNitrate ion
Nitrate radicalNitric acidNitric acid trihydrate
Nitric oxideNitrificationNitrogen
Nitrogen-fixing plantsNitrogen cycleNitrogen dioxide
Nitrogen fixationNitrogen oxides
Nitrous acidNitrous oxideNival
NoaaNoble gases
Noctilucent cloudsNocturnal boundary layerNocturnal cooling
Nocturnal jetNocturnal minimum temperature
Nocturnal radiationNodal factorsNodal increment
Nodal periodNodeNoise
Noise figureNoise filtering
Noise levelNoise powerNoise temperature
Noise thresholdNomogram
Noncoherent echo
Noncoherent targetNondeterministic
Nondimensional equationNondimensional number
Nondimensional parameterNondispersive infrared spectrometry
Nonharmonic tidal analysisNonhydrostatic model
Noninductive charging mechanismNonlinear
Nonlinear instabilityNonlinearity of the equation of stateNonlocal closure
Nonlocal fluxNonlocal mixing
Nonlocal static stabilityNonmethane hydrocarbonsNonrecording rain gauge
Nonsupercell tornadoNonwetting liquid
Nordenskjöld lineNormalNormal aeration
Normal barometerNormal chart
Normal curve of errorNormal distribution
Normal mode initializationNormal modesNormal population
Normal stressesNormal temperature and pressureNormal water
NormalizeNormalized difference vegetation indexNormand's theorem
NortadaNorteNorth Atlantic Oscillation
North Pacific OscillationNorth american high
North atlantic currentNorth atlantic deep water
North brazil currentNorth equatorial countercurrent
North equatorial currentNorth foehn
North korea cold currentNorth pacific current
North wallNortheast storm
Northeast tradesNortheasterNorther
Northern lightsNorthern nannyNorthwester
Norwegian currentNorwegian sea deep water
Nor’west ArchNotamNotos
Nova zemlyaNowcastNox
Noxon cliffNrm
Nrm wind scaleNscatNt
Nuclear winterNucleation
NucleusNucleus counterNudging
Numerical dispersionNumerical forecasting
Numerical integrationNumerical modelingNumerical simulation
Nusselt numberNwp
Nyquist frequencyNévéO'brien cubic polynomial
Oasis effectObOberwind
Objective analysisObjective forecast
Oblique visual rangeObliquity of the ecliptic
Obscuring phenomenonObservation well
Observational dayObservational error
Observational networkObserver
Observing systems simulation experimentObstacle flow signatureObstruction to vision
Obukhov lengthOccluded cycloneOccluded depression
Occluded frontOcclusion
OceanOcean conveyor beltOcean current
Ocean mixingOcean station
Ocean station vesselOcean topography experimentOcean waves
Ocean weather station
Oceanic meteorology
OctaneOdd-oxygen system
Odd chlorineOdd hydrogen
Odd oxygenOeOersted
Off-airwaysOff-center ppi scopeOffshore wind
Ogasawara highOgiveOhmic current
Oil slickOld snowOld wives' summer
Olland cycleOls

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