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Noise figureNoise filteringNoise level
Noise powerNoise temperatureNoise threshold
Noncoherent echoNoncoherent target
NondeterministicNondimensional equation
Nondimensional numberNondimensional parameter
Nondispersive infrared spectrometry
Nonharmonic tidal analysisNonhydrostatic modelNoninductive charging mechanism
NonlinearNonlinear instability
Nonlinearity of the equation of stateNonlocal closure
Nonlocal fluxNonlocal mixingNonlocal static stability
Nonmethane hydrocarbonsNonrecording rain gaugeNonsupercell tornado
Nonwetting liquidNor'easter
Nor'westerNordenskjöld line
NormalNormal aerationNormal barometer
Normal chartNormal curve of error
Normal distribution
Normal mode initialization
Normal modesNormal populationNormal stresses
Normal temperature and pressureNormal waterNormalize
Normalized difference vegetation indexNormand's theoremNortada
NorteNorth Atlantic OscillationNorth Pacific Oscillation
North american highNorth atlantic current
North atlantic deep water
North brazil currentNorth equatorial countercurrentNorth equatorial current
North foehn
North korea cold currentNorth pacific current
North wallNortheast stormNortheast trades
NortheasterNortherNorthern lights
Northern nannyNorthwesterNorwegian current
Norwegian sea deep waterNor’west Arch
NotamNotosNova zemlya
NowcastNoxNoxon cliff
NrmNrm wind scale
NscatNtNuclear winter
Nucleus counterNudgingNumerical dispersion
Numerical forecastingNumerical integration
Numerical modelingNumerical simulation
Nusselt numberNwpNyquist frequency
NévéO'brien cubic polynomialOasis effect
ObOberwindObjective analysis
Objective forecast
Oblique visual rangeObliquity of the eclipticObscuration
Obscuring phenomenon
Observation well
Observational dayObservational errorObservational network
ObserverObserving systems simulation experiment
Obstacle flow signatureObstruction to visionObukhov length
Occluded cycloneOccluded depressionOccluded front
Ocean conveyor beltOcean current
Ocean mixingOcean stationOcean station vessel
Ocean topography experimentOcean waves
Ocean weather station
Oceanic meteorology
Odd-oxygen systemOdd chlorine
Odd hydrogenOdd oxygen
Off-center ppi scopeOffshore windOgasawara high
OgiveOhmic currentOil slick
Old snowOld wives' summer
Olland cycleOlsOmbrometer
OmbroscopeOmega equationOmega sun
On and off instrumentsOn top
One-and-a-half order closureOne-dimensional model
One-way entrainment processOnshore windOpacity
OpacusOpaque sky coverOpen-cell cumulus
Open cellsOpen channel flowOpen system
Operational linescan systemOperational numerical modelOperational weather limits
Operative temperatureOperatorOpposing wind
OppositionOptical air massOptical counter
Optical depthOptical hygrometer
Optical imaging probeOptical mass
Optical meteorOptical particle probe
Optical pathOptical pathlengthOptical rain gauge
Optical scattering probeOptical thickness
Optical transient detectorOptically homogeneous
Optically smoothOptimal perturbationOptimal yield
Optimum flightOptimum interpolationOra
OrbitOrbit numberOrbital elements
Orbital motionOrbital velocity
Ordinary cellOrdinary rayOrdinate
Organic acidsOrganic nitratesOrganic peroxides
Organized large eddiesOriented overgrowthOrographic
Orographic cloud
Orographic fogOrographic isobarOrographic lifting
Orographic occlusionOrographic precipitationOrographic rainfall
Orographic snow lineOrographic stormOrographic vortex
Orographic wind flowOrographyOroshi
OrsureOrthogonalOrthogonal antennas
Orthogonal functionsOrthogonal lines
OsmometerOsmosisOsos wind
Outer atmosphereOuter layer
Outer vortexOutflow
Outflow boundaryOutflow jet
Outgoing longwave radiationOutlet glacierOutlook
OverflowOverland flowOverlap
OverseedingOvershooting top
OvertradesOverturnOwens dust recorder
Ox's eyeOxidant
OxidationOxidizing capacity of atmosphereOxygen
Oxygen bandOyashioOzmidov scale
OzoneOzone-depleting potentialOzone hole
Ozone isopleth plotOzone layerOzone shield

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