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ReachReaction kineticsReaction order
Reaction rateReal-time processingReal-time transmission
Real timeReanalysis
Rear-inflow jetRear of a depressionReaumur temperature scale
Recco codeReceived powerReceiver
Receiver (noise) temperatureReceiver gain
RecessionRecession curve
RechargeRecharge areaRecharge capacity
RecirculationRecombinationRecombination coefficient
Recombination energyReconReconnaissance
Record observationRecording albedometerRecording instrument
Recording potentiometerRecording rain gaugeRecovery test
Recovery time
Recurrence formula
Recycled waterRed flashRed noise
Red sea waterRed snowRed tide
Reduced gravityReduced gridReduced pressure
ReductionReduction of pressure to a standard level
Reduction of temperature to mean sea levelReech number
Reference crop evaporationReflectance
ReflectionReflection coefficient
Reflection rainbowReflectivityReflectivity factor
Refraction coefficientRefraction diagram
Refraction of water wavesRefractive index
RegelationRegeneration of a depressionRegime
Regime channelRegion of influence
Regional air pollutionRegional analysisRegional basic synoptic network
Regional broadcastRegional climate modelRegional forecast
Regional meteorological centerRegional meteorological telecommunications network
Regression analysisRegression coefficientRegression equation
Regression line
Regular broadcast
Relative angular momentumRelative coordinate system
Relative currentRelative evaporationRelative frequency
Relative humidity
Relative humidity with respect to iceRelative ionospheric opacity meter
Relative momentumRelative permeability
Relative permittivityRelative reductionRelative sea level
Relative sunspot numberRelative velocity
Relative vorticityRelaxation methodRelaxation of a trough
Relaxation timeRelaxed eddy accumulationRemote sensing
Representative basinRepresentative meteorological observationRepresentativeness
ReservoirReservoir compounds
ReshabarResidence time
ResidualResidual depression storageResidual layer
Residual mass curveResidual varianceResistance
Resistance thermometerResistivityResolution
ResonanceResonance fluorescence
Resonance theoryResonance troughResonance waves over hills
Resonance waves over thermalsResonatorResponder
Response analysisResponse function
Responsive parameterizationRest massRestoring
ResultantResultant windRetarded flow
Retarding basinRetention curveRetention storage
RetreaterRetrograde depression
Retrograde waveRetrogression
RetroreflectionRetroreflectorReturn flow
Return periodReturn stroke
Returning polar maritime airReversal of the monsoonReversal temperature
Reverse-oriented monsoon troughReverse cellReverse flow thermometer housing
Reversible moist-adiabatic processReversible process
Reversing currentReversing thermometer
Revised local referenceRevolving stormReynolds averaging
Reynolds effectReynolds number
Reynolds stressesRfRf signal
RhiRhumb-line course
Ribbon lightningRibutRichardson number
RidgeRidge line
RiefneRight-hand rotation
Right-handed rectangular coordinatesRight ascensionRime
Rime fogRime iceRime rod
Rinehart projectionRingelmann chart
Rip currentRipeRipening of snow
RippleRipple waveRise time
Rising limbRising tideRiver
River basinRiver forecastRiver gauge
River stageRiver surface temperatureRiver system
RmseRmtnRoad weather
Roaring fortiesRobRobin hood's wind
Robin sphereRobitzsch actinographRockair
RocketRocket-triggered lightningRocket lightning
Roll cloudRollers
Root-mean-square errorRope cloud
RosauRosemount temperature housing
Rossby-gravity wave
Rossby numberRossby number similarity
Rossby parameterRossby radius of deformationRossby regime
Rossby wave
Rotary currentRotating multicylinder
Rotating reynolds numberRotational
Rotational instabilityRotenturm windRotor
Rotor cloud
RotoscopeRotten iceRough air
Roughness sublayer
Roundoff errorRoute componentRoute cross section
Route forecastRubber ice
RuleRule-based system
Rules of inference
RunoffRunoff coefficient
Runoff cycleRunoff plotRunway elevation
Runway observationRunway temperatureRunway visibility
Runway visual rangeRush of snowmelt flood
RvrRéseauRöntgen ray

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