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Reaction kineticsReaction orderReaction rate
Real-time processingReal-time transmission
Real timeReanalysisRear-inflow jet
Rear of a depressionReaumur temperature scaleRebat
ReboyoReccoRecco code
Received powerReceiverReceiver (noise) temperature
Receiver gainRecession
Recession curveRecharge
Recharge areaRecharge capacityRecirculation
RecombinationRecombination coefficientRecombination energy
ReconReconnaissanceRecord observation
Recording albedometerRecording instrumentRecording potentiometer
Recording rain gaugeRecovery testRecovery time
Recurrence formula
RecurvatureRecycled water
Red flashRed noiseRed sea water
Red snowRed tideReduced gravity
Reduced gridReduced pressure
ReductionReduction of pressure to a standard levelReduction of temperature to mean sea level
Reech numberReference crop evaporation
Reflection coefficientReflection rainbow
ReflectivityReflectivity factorReflector
RefractionRefraction coefficient
Refraction diagramRefraction of water waves
Refractive indexRefractivity
Regeneration of a depressionRegimeRegime channel
Region of influenceRegional air pollution
Regional analysisRegional basic synoptic networkRegional broadcast
Regional climate modelRegional forecastRegional meteorological center
Regional meteorological telecommunications networkRegister
RegressionRegression analysis
Regression coefficientRegression equation
Regression lineRegular broadcast
Relative angular momentum
Relative coordinate systemRelative current
Relative evaporationRelative frequency
Relative humidityRelative humidity with respect to ice
Relative ionospheric opacity meter
Relative momentumRelative permeabilityRelative permittivity
Relative reductionRelative sea levelRelative sunspot number
Relative velocityRelative vorticity
Relaxation methodRelaxation of a troughRelaxation time
Relaxed eddy accumulationRemote sensing
Representative basin
Representative meteorological observationRepresentativeness
ReservoirReservoir compounds
ReshabarResidence timeResidual
Residual depression storageResidual layerResidual mass curve
Residual varianceResistanceResistance thermometer
ResonanceResonance fluorescenceResonance theory
Resonance troughResonance waves over hillsResonance waves over thermals
ResonatorResponderResponse analysis
Response functionResponsive parameterization
Rest massRestoringResultant
Resultant windRetarded flowRetarding basin
Retention curveRetention storageRetreater
Retrograde depression
Retrograde waveRetrogressionRetroreflection
RetroreflectorReturn flowReturn period
Return strokeReturning polar maritime air
Reversal of the monsoonReversal temperatureReverse-oriented monsoon trough
Reverse cellReverse flow thermometer housing
Reversible moist-adiabatic processReversible processReversing current
Reversing thermometerRevised local reference
Revolving stormReynolds averagingReynolds effect
Reynolds numberReynolds stresses
RfRf signalRhi
Rhumb-line courseRibbon lightning
RibutRichardson numberRidge
Ridge line
Right-hand rotationRight-handed rectangular coordinates
Right ascensionRimeRime fog
Rime iceRime rod
Rinehart projectionRingelmann chart
RipRip current
RipeRipening of snowRipple
Ripple waveRise timeRising limb
Rising tideRiverRiver basin
River forecastRiver gaugeRiver stage
River surface temperatureRiver systemRmse
RmtnRoad weatherRoaring forties
RobRobin hood's windRobin sphere
Robitzsch actinographRockairRocket
Rocket-triggered lightningRocket lightning
RollRoll cloud
Root-mean-square errorRope cloud
RosauRosemount temperature housingRossby-gravity wave
Rossby number
Rossby number similarityRossby parameter
Rossby radius of deformationRossby regime
Rossby waveRotary current
Rotating multicylinderRotating reynolds number
RotationalRotational instability
Rotenturm windRotorRotor cloud
Rotten iceRough air
Roughness sublayerRoundoff error
Route componentRoute cross sectionRoute forecast
Rubber iceRule
Rule-based system
Rules of inference
RunoffRunoff coefficientRunoff cycle
Runoff plotRunway elevationRunway observation
Runway temperatureRunway visibilityRunway visual range
Rush of snowmelt floodRvr
RéseauRöntgen rayS-band

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