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"deterministic forecast" to Air pollution alert
Air pollution control to Applications technology satellite
Applied climatology to Bankfull stage
Banner cloud to Bourrasque
Boussinesq approximation to Central forecasting office
Central limit theorem to Cloud crest
Cloud discharge to Contact angle
Contact flight to Cyclonic precipitation
Cyclonic rain to Directional-hemispherical reflectance
Directional distribution to Echo box
Echo contour to Erosion
Erosion ridge to Flow pattern
Flow velocity to Gales
Galilei to Grid turbulence
Gridding to Horizontal visibility
Horizontal wind shear to Inclination of the axis of an anticyclone
Inclination of the wind to Isodynamic
Isoecho to Large scale
Larmor frequency to Magnetohydrodynamics
Magnetometer to Microclimate
Microclimatology to Natural flow
Natural frequency to One-way entrainment process
Onshore wind to Phase distortion
Phase front to Prairie climate
Prandtl number to Radar weather observation
Radar wind sounding to Regional climate model
Regional forecast to Scales
Scams to Similarity
Similarity relationship to Soya warm current
Space charge to Strain tensor
Stratification to Synthetic aperture radar
Synthetic hydrograph to Time average
Time constant to Unit normal distribution
Unit storm to Vortex stretching
Vortex thermometer to Wind direction
Wind divide to Θ system
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