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"deterministic forecast" to Air pollution alert
Air pollution control to Applications technology satellite
Applied climatology to Bankfull stage
Banner cloud to Bourrasque
Boussinesq approximation to Central limit theorem
Central moment to Cloud discharge
Cloud discharges to Contact flight
Contact nucleus to Cyclonic rain
Cyclonic rotation to Directional distribution
Directional hydraulic conductivity to Echo contour
Echo frequency to Erosion ridge
Error to Flow velocity
Flowmeter to Galilei
Gallego to Gridding
Gringorten plotting position to Horizontal wind shear
Horn antenna to Inclination of the wind
Incoherent echo to Isoecho
Isofronts-preiso code to Larmor frequency
Laser to Magnetometer
Magnetopause to Microclimatology
Microfront to Natural frequency
Natural remanent magnetization to Onshore wind
Opacity to Phase front
Phase function to Prandtl number
Prandtl numbers to Radar wind sounding
Radar wind system to Regional forecast
Regional meteorological center to Scams
Scan line to Similarity relationship
Similarity theories to Space charge
Space environment in-situ suite to Stratification
Stratified fluid to Synthetic hydrograph
Systematic error to Time constant
Time constants to Unit storm
United states coast pilot to Vortex thermometer
Vortex trail to Wind divide
Wind drift to Θ system
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