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"deterministic forecast" to Air pollution
Air pollution alert to Apparent solar day
Apparent stress to Bank
Bank storage to Bounded weak echo region
Bourdon tube to Centipoise
Central dense overcast to Cloud condensation nuclei counter
Cloud cover to Consultation
Consumption to Cyclonic bora
Cyclonic circulation to Direct solar radiation
Direct tide to Echo
Echo-free vault to Ergodic
Ergodic condition to Flow line
Flow lines to Gale warning
Galerkin approximation to Grid nephoscope
Grid north to Horizontal divergence
Horizontal pressure force to Inch of mercury
Incident solar flux to Isocline
Isoclinic line to Large eddy simulation
Large eddy simulation models to Magnetic variation
Magnetic wind direction to Microbarogram
Microbarograph to Nat
National ambient air quality standards to Omega sun
On and off instruments to Ph
Phase to Poynting vector
Poëchore to Radar resolution volume
Radar return to Regime
Regime channel to Sbuv
Scalar to Silt
Silt-discharge rating to Southern oscillation
Southern oscillation index to Storm warning
Storm warnings to Synoptic situation
Synoptic situations to Timber line
Time to Unfiltered model
Unfreezing to Vortex lines
Vortex ring to Wind arrow
Wind barb to Θ system
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