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== dry-adiabatic lapse rate ==
#<div class="definition"><div class="short_definition">A [[process lapse rate]] of [[temperature]], the rate of decrease of temperature  with height of a [[parcel]] of [[dry air]] lifted by a reversible [[adiabatic process]] through an [[atmosphere]]  in [[hydrostatic equilibrium]].</div><br/> <div class="paragraph">This [[lapse rate]] is ''g''/''c''<sub>''pd''</sub>, where ''g'' is gravitational [[acceleration]] and ''c''<sub>''pd''</sub> is the [[specific heat]] of  dry air at constant [[pressure]], approximately 9.8&deg;C km<sup>&minus;1</sup>. Potential temperature is constant with  height in an [[atmospheric layer]] with this lapse rate.</div><br/> </div>
#<div class="definition"><div class="short_definition">The [[adiabatic lapse rate]] of unsaturated air containing [[water vapor]].</div><br/> <div class="paragraph">This differs from definition 1 by the factor  <div class="display-formula"><blockquote>[[File:ams2001glos-De50.gif|link=|center|ams2001glos-De50]]</blockquote></div>  where ''r''<sub>''v''</sub> is the [[mixing ratio]] of water vapor and ''c''<sub>''pv''</sub> is the [[specific heat]] of water vapor.</div><br/> </div>

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