Quasigeostrophic equations

From Glossary of Meteorology
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quasigeostrophic equations

The system of momentum and thermodynamic equations, derived through the quasigeostrophic approximation, that fulfill the requirements of quasigeostrophic theory.

At the momentum level and using the pseudoheight coordinate z = [1 - (p/p0)κ]cpθ0/g the equations are
in which x, y, and z form a Cartesian coordinate system with ug and vg the eastward and northward geostrophic wind components, uag and vag the eastward and northward ageostrophic wind components, w the vertical velocity in the pseudoheight coordinate, φ the geopotential, θ the potential temperature, g the acceleration of gravity, f the Coriolis parameter, ρ the density in z space, θ0 the reference potential temperature, and N the Brunt–Väisälä frequency.