Brazil current

From Glossary of Meteorology

Brazil Current

The western boundary current of the South Atlantic subtropical gyre.

Fed by the South Equatorial Current, it flows as a narrow, swift current from 10°S southward along the South American coast. The Brazil Current is one of the weaker western boundary currents with a total transport of less than 30 Sv (30 × 106 m3s-1), half of this occurring over the shelf. Current speed is below or near 1 m s-1. The current separates from the coast somewhere between 33° and 38°S, forming a front with the northward flowing Malvinas (Falkland) Current and continuing southward on the eastern side of the front. The separation point is more northward in summer (December–February). The southernmost extent of the Brazil Current varies between 38° and 46°S on a two-month timescale associated with eddy shedding. The current continues eastward as the South Atlantic Current.