From Glossary of Meteorology


A cgs unit of magnetic induction (
or magnetic flux per unit area across an area at right angles to the magnetic field), equal to one maxwell per square centimeter.

Cgs and mks units of magnetic induction are related by 104 gauss = 1 weber m-2 = 1 Tesla (T), where 1 weber = 1 (newton meter)/amp = 1 volt s. The induction of the earth's magnetic field in the United States is of order 0.5 gauss, with the magnetic field oriented about 20° from zenith. Magnetic induction inside superconducting magnets can be as high as 20 T (2 × 105 gauss), while magnetic induction produced by the human spine is of order 15 × 10-15 T (1.5 × 10-10 gauss).

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