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A warm moist southeast wind from the sea on the French Mediterranean coast and in the Maritime Alps, especially frequent in spring and autumn.

In the Rhône delta it blows also from the south. The marin is associated with depressions that cross southern France or northern Spain and the Gulf of Lions. Generally, it is strong and regular, sometimes violent and turbulent in hilly country as the ayalas in the Massif Central; it is very humid, cloudy with hill fog, and often rainy (unless unaccompanied by fronts, when it is the marin blanc). The heavy rains, which may continue for one or two days on the mountain slopes, cause dangerous river floods. On the western slope of the Cévennes it becomes the autan. In the southern Cévennes the marin is called the aygalas. On the coast of Catalonia (northeast Spain) and Roussillon (southern France) it is the marinada and generally occurs with a depression centered over or south of the Gulf of Gascony.
Compare sirocco.