Meteosat second generation

From Glossary of Meteorology

Meteosat Second Generation

(Abbreviated MSG.) The second generation of Meteosat satellites, offering enhanced capabilities, such as sharper images across more spectral bands. The MSG has improved horizontal image resolution for the visible light spectral channel (1 km as opposed to 2.5 km on the current Meteosat) and all-digital data transmission which is 20 times faster (up to 3,2 Mbps) than on the current Meteosat.

The first of four satellites in this new series (MSG-1) was declared operational in January 2004. Once operational, MSG satellites are given numerical designations as part of the ongoing Meteosat series. MSG-1, for example, became Meteosat-8. SEVIRI, a 12-channel, high-resolution imaging instrument, and GERB, a suite of earth radiation budget sensors are the primary MSG sensors.